Dominique Pegoraro


Saarland University
Building C5 3
Room 2.07
D-66123 Saarbrücken

Phone: +49 681 302-64203


Professional and Scientific Background

In 2014, Dominique Pegoraro gained her B.Sc. in Applied Geography at the University of Trier, followed by her Masters Degree in 2019 in Process Dynamics on the Earth's Surface. Dominique Pegoraro joined the working group in April 2021 as a coordinator for the research project "Evaluation of the 'LIFE living Natura 2000' Project". Before joining the working group, she gained experience in the private sector, focusing on potential analysis and cost calculation.


Research Interests

In her research, Dominique Pegoraro focuses in particular on nature conservation (in particular Natura 2000) as well as physical geography and geomorphology. In previous projects, she conducted research on erosion in semi-arid wine-growing regions, and explored methods for erosion analysis (rainfall simulation experiments: influence of plot design on soil erosion and runoff, experimental rill erosion research, studies on the erosive effectiveness of sequential discharges).