Packages, parcels, and correspondence:

Saarland University

Department of English (Anglistik, Amerikanistik und Anglophone Kulturen)

Campus C5 3

66123 Saarbrücken



Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Astrid Fellner

Bldg. C5 3, Room 111

Phone: +49 681 302 2330

Email: english_department(at)


Deputy Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Remus Gergel

Bldg. C5 3, Room 113

Phone: +49 681 302 3309

Email: english_department(at)


Verwaltung der Fachrichtung/ Departmental Administration

Birgit Kellner, M.A.

Bldg. C5 3, Room 127

Phone: +49 681 302 3330

Fax: +49 681 302 4623

Email: kellner(at)


Assistenz der Geschäftsführung

Verena Bernardi

Bldg. C5 3, Room 107

Phone: +49 681 302 57564

Email: verena.bernardi(at)


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How to Find Us

The Department of English is situated on the main campus of Saarland University, Saarbrücken, on the first floor of building C5 3. Please consult the campus map for further information.

Our department is on Twitter. From time to time we will tweet various announcements related to tests, bits of important news, guest lectures, and other department events. Follow us: