Language Learning / Sprachpraxis

The main aims of the language section are:

  • to support the work done in the areas of culture, linguistics and literature, all of which is conducted through the medium of English, and

  • to help students reach a level of competence that enables them to use English appropriately in a wide range of situations.

Students whose career aim is to teach English are also expected

  • to familiarize themselves with a description of spoken and written English, and

  • to acquire the language needed in the school classroom.

Within the language section, students are offered classes ranging from general language courses to specialised courses dealing with specific aspects such as phonetics and phonology. In addition, students gain a great deal of practice through the use of English in the other sections of this department. Finally, their competence is given a major boost when they spend their obligatory period of residence in an English-speaking country.


Please be sure to read the letter sent to all language course students at the beginning of each semester. This is required reading for all students!