Students will generally need extensive support especially at the outset of their studies. The use of the “Module Handbooks”, the regulations concerning exams, the complex course programme – all these will look slightly daunting to beginners.


The departmental student advisors – Dr. Heike Mißler, Dr. Arlette Warken and Dr. Cornelia Gerhardt – together with many other colleagues you might ask, as well as the student representatives (“Fachschaft”), can assist you in the understanding of these documents, in the selection of courses, in putting together a daily schedule of lectures and courses, and any other questions you might have.

Advising Staff:

Dr. Heike Mißler

Senior Lecturer

- British Literary and Cultural Studies

- Language Teaching

Advising / Dept. ERASMUS Coordinator

- Allgemeine Fachstudienberatung

- Lehrämter

- Ausland

- Juniorstudium

Office hours click here


Bldg. A5 3, Room 1.03.2

Phone: +49 681 302 2059


Dr. Arlette Warken

Senior Lecturer

- North American Literature and Culture

- Language Teaching


- Allgemeine Fachstudienberatung

- Bachelor

- Wirtschaftspädagogik 

 Office hours (when classes are in session):

  • Thursdays, 16:15-17:15


Bldg. A5 3, Room 1.21

Phone: +49 681 302 3223


Dr. Cornelia Gerhardt

Senior Lecturer

- English Linguistics


- MA Programs


Bldg. A5 3, Room 1.05

Phone: +49 681 302 2260

For classes, please check LSF


All students seeking advice should make it a point to consult the necessary documents pertaining to their course of study first. Most of the relevant documents can be found or are linked on the Your Studies page.