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Writing Center Appointments & COVID-19

Beginning April 6th, 2020, the Writing Center will offer online consultations.

While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has stopped most of the world in its tracks, it cannot and must not stop the exchange of knowledge and academic growth. 

For the Summer Semester 2020, the Writing Center will be offering one-on-one consultations online for students during Summer Semester 2020. These one-on-one consultations will take place via online platforms. These platforms may vary, as the Writing Center is prepared to accomodate students with limited/unreliable access to the Internet. 

Please let us know of any technological/connection restrictions that you may have when making an appointment. 


Our Mission

The Writing Center’s mission is to equip students with the proper tools to understand and produce written works in a multilingual, and L2, collaborative learning environment. The writing strategies practiced in the center will better prepare multilingual students for their studies and future careers. The center is a tutoring resource to help guide students through the writing process. We offer students one-on-one consultations, with lecturers, at any stage of the writing process.


Additional Writing Resources

The documents below are meant to assist students with specific types of writing. These documents are suggestions, not requirements. Keep in mind, requirements can differ depending on country and culture.

Writing Center Flyer (Summer 2020)

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