European Management (MBA)

The MBA programme "European Management" at Saarland University is a well-established and challenging study programme designed to prepare graduates for management roles in European and international markets. The high quality of this MBA programme was recognized in 2009 when it was accredited by FIBAA, the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation.

The MBA programme is coordinated and run by the Economics Section at Saarland University's Europa-Institut. The programme can be studied either part time or full time. The courses are taught by university teaching staff or by international guest professors.

The postgraduate management programme includes 15 study units aka course weeks, of which three will take place abroad. Students have to sit the written examinations within certain examination periods. Further examination components are group work, case studies, presentation of papers and oral exams. Students conclude the programme by writing with a final thesis.

Further Information

Additional in-depth information on the program are available on the pages of the Masterportal (Master's level only).


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