Study programmes and subjects

Bachelor's degree programmes

This interdisciplinary programme combines linguistics with computer science: If you are interested how human language can be described with formal methods and how computers can be programmed to use human language, this programme might be the right one for you – even if you don't have any special previous knowledge.

This study programme combines a solid grounding in linguistics with courses in computational linguistics, phonetics, natural language processing and translation. The programme’s broad subject base and wide range of elective courses ensure a high level of flexibility, and give students the opportunity to create a programme which is in line with their own interests and inclinations.

Phonetics can be selected as an elective area in the BA “Language Science”, as a supplementary subject in the BA “Computational Linguistics”, or as the BA supplementary subject “Phonetics”. The main areas of study are the production, acoustics and reception of spoken language.

Master's degree programmes

This programme enables students to combine high-quality technological training with the acquisition of foreign language skills and cultural competence. Participants can focus on their own subject and geographical preferences, and can put together an individual programme of courses in language technology, computational linguistics, theoretical linguistics and computer science.

This programme offers students the opportunity to focus on computer linguistics, psycholinguistics, phonetics or language processing, and to participate in research projects. Thanks to its proximity to other university departments and extra-university research institutions, Saarland University is one of the world’s leading centres for computational linguistics.

This programme closely integrates training in translation and language technologies, making it unique in Germany today. In addition to their studies in linguistics and translation, students acquire the technologicals skills that qualify them for the work processes found in today´s multilingual communication industries.    

Translation Science and Technology: A course of study with many different aspects

Kai Bleif hat vier Jahre lang in Ecuador gelebt, bevor er für den Masterstudiengang "Translation Science and Technology" an die Saar-Uni kam. "Ich habe mich für diesen Studiengang entschieden, weil ich mich für Übersetzungs­wissenschaften interessiere, aber mehr lernen wollte als reines Handwerk", sagt Bleif. An seinem Studium gefällt ihm besonders, dass man sich nicht nur als Übersetzer qualifiziert, sondern auch als Projektmanager in Übersetzungsprojekten. Außerdem weiß er die Praxisnähe vieler Lehrveranstaltungen und das gute Betreuungsverhältnis zu schätzen. [more...]

Taking new directions: Bachelor's degree programme in Computational Linguistics (video in German)