Beginning your PhD

If you are carrying out doctoral research at the Faculty MI, you must provide notification of your PhD project at the faculty by entering into the faculty's register of doctoral candidates. This rule applies as soon as you begin your doctoral research programme.

In addition to the entry into the faculty's register of doctoral candidates, you need to formally enrol as doctoral researcher at the Admissions Office. (For external doctoral researchers, there is the alternative option to only register as doctoral candidate.) Enrolment (or registration) as doctoral researcher shall be maintained every semester for the entire duration of your PhD.


In order to enrol as a doctoral researcher you will need to pay the semester fee. You will then be issued with a Saarland University student card including the semester travel ticket with which you can use Saarland's public transport system for free. Moreover, you will be eligible for the usual student concessions and benefits (e.g., Mensa student refectory, cinemas, museums, Kino, Museen, car rental). In addition, you will automatically receive personal accident, theft and public liability insurance cover through the Studierendenwerk's insurance policy.


Registration costs €5 per semester. If you register as a doctoral researcher you will automatically receive personal accident, theft and public liability insurance cover through the Studierendenwerk's insurance policy. You will also receive the Saarland University PhD student card (optional and free of charge). The card gives you access to services provided by Saarland University's central institutions and allows you to eat in the Mensa student refectory at university employee rates. Please note that once you have been issued with a PhD student card, any standard Saarland University student card that you may have will no longer be valid.

No matter whether you have chosen to register or enrol, as a doctoral researcher at Saarland University you can

  • apply for a user ID to gain access to the university's IT infrastructure and receive a personalised e-mail address of Saarland University (forename.surname(at) - see further information
  • request a confirmation of your enrolment or registration as doctoral researcher through the LSF portal
  • benefit from the services offered by Saarland University's doctoral training and networking programme GradUS
  • make use of the university's facilities and services (main library, Language Centre, Skills Centre, Career Centre, university sports and recreational activities, etc.) or the mental health counselling service by the Studierendenwerk.

How do I enrol or register as a doctoral researcher?

  • Doctoral candidates in Computer Science or Bioinformatics shall firstly get in contact with the Graduate School of Computer Science. Doctoral candidates in Mathematics should contact the faculty's Dean's Office to find out about the admission requirements for doctoral researchers. The relevant doctoral degree regulations are available for download.
  • Please fill in the application form through the relevant online portal with the help of the Graduate School or Dean's Office. Please refer to the information leaflet and the list of PhD programmes.
  • If you are registering or enrolling for the first time, please hand in the printed application form and the requisite documentation at the Graduate School or Dean's Office, from where your application will be forwarded to the university's main Admissions Office.
  • You may enrol or register as a doctoral researcher at any time, though applications cannot be backdated. Enrolment or registration must be initiated at the beginning of the PhD.
  • Each semester you are free to switch your status from enrolled to registered or vice versa as desired. For this purpose, please submit the relevant application form form to the Admissions Office.
  • The Admissions Office will issue you with an IT user ID (if you do not already have one). Your Saarland University regular student card or PhD student card will be issued to you at the card issuing office. You will also receive automatic cover under the personal accident, theft and public liability insurance policy for students.
  • Each semester you will be sent e-mail notification about re-registering or re-enrolling as a doctoral researcher for the following semester. Re-registration or re-enrolment occurs automatically once the respective payment has been received.
  • If you wish to cancel your status as a registered or enrolled doctoral researcher, please fill in the application form and hand it in to the Admissions Office.
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