Among the many programs in which the departement is involved two might be interesting for foreign students: the B.A. in philosophy (6 semesters) and, from October 2010, the Master in philosophy (four semesters).

Most of the teaching is in German and will remain so. So you shouldn't consider coming if you don't want to learn quite a bit of German. The university organises special language courses in summer.

On the other hand, English is the international language of science, so we confront even our B.A. students with obligatory introductory courses which are entirely held in English (logic, practical philosophy, ontology). Seminar texts in analytic philosophy (which is what we do) are usually in English, the teachers are fluent in English and are prepared to supervise B.A. and Master theses which may be submitted in English. 

For more information please contact the International Office and one of the professors well in advance.







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