Student Council


Committee members of the student council regularly meet in the "Fachschaftscafé" (Building C 5.2/R. 2.03) and are always happy to help students of philosophy.

The committee represents the interests of all philosophy students and collaborates closely with the Associated Students of Saarland University (AstA). Join us in the "Fachschaftscafé"!  Should no one be around (unlikely), just drop us a note (Mailbox: building C 5.2/R. 2.04).

Our notice-board is right next to the mailbox.  This is where we publish up-to-date information about student council events and studying at Saarland University.

Furthermore, we are expanding our web presence and hope to soon be able to offer you quick access to information regarding the philosophy program as well as events at the department.

The student council committee's e-mail address is: