Offers for pupils

Experiment offers
  • The SUPEX Schülerlabor Physik-Experimente offers you a laboratory where we convey our enthusiasm and fascination for physics to your students. The experiments in the rooms of the basic physics lab of the university are selected highlights, can be done in a class set and will be remembered by your students for many years. The student lab can be combined with a campus tour at Saarland University and provide a first insight into the world of physics studies.
  • Student experiment boxes "Physics of Liquids" & "Physics of Light": a maximum of 30 students in grades 8 and 9 can independently perform simple but amazing experiments according to instructions. Either the box comes to the school or the students to the university.

  • Experimenting at stations (physics): In this student lab, young people can conduct experiments on various topics in experimental physics. The topics are selected together with the physics teacher and are based on the physics curriculum. Experiments with optical devices, light diffraction, vibrations, combustion engines or environmental issues are possible.

Trial study physics

During the winter semester, Saarland University offers high school students the opportunity to participate in real lectures, exercises and practicals. The events in physics revolve around a different topic each year.

High school students can find out how exciting it is to study physics by attending the "Physics Trial" at Saarland University. In lectures, mathematical, theoretical and experimental basics are taught on the current topic. In a practical course, students can carry out a physics experiment themselves under supervision.

Here you can find more information.

Prof. in school

Would you like to get your students excited about physics? A professor would be happy to come to your school and give a lecture. A list of lectures that can be accessed by the school principals and subject teachers of the grammar schools and comprehensive schools in Saarland can be found here.


Company internships for pupils

As part of the research internships, we offer you the opportunity to get a taste of research operations in a modern laboratory. You can find more information about the student internship here.