Laboratory Safety and Instructions

On this page, you find the safety texts, instructions, operating instructions etc. relevant for our labs.

For legal reasons, uploaded documents are only accesible using a password. You will be informed about the passwort before the yearly safety instructions or you can ask the project leader. We try to keep the external links up-to-date but we do not provide any guarantees for external links.

The obligation to perform a yearly, oral safety instruction is introduced in several law text (all law texts are in German of course).

Below are the links to the relevant law texts:

work protection law

for employees with 2 xx chromosomes: working mothers protection law 

hazardous substances law

law for the use of personal protection equipment

Technical rules concerning the work protection law on artificial optical radiation

 Additionally. there are many "accident prevention rules"

as e.g. BGVD36 Ladders

or electromagnetic radiation

As all of you would never happen to get to your scientific work if you were to read all this, let's go to some more specific texts concerning our university and lab.

General safety at UdS

The "Amt für Arbeits und Umweltschutz" takes over the counceling (and only that) concering work protection and accident reporting. Find here their contact details.

There is also the opportunity for psychiatric help, and the prevention of addiction.

Importantly, they also give information on how to report a work accident: plan for reporting accidents

 The AAU also provides the university's  fire protection rules. Make sure to stick to these all times!

In every room, you should find an emergency phone numbers list; it can be downloaded here.

Now let's go to the more specific documents:

Find the slides of the oral Instructions here: slides safety instructions

All texts that are linked below, can also be found in printed and signed form in the Safety folder of the group.

Dangerous substances list: As the name indicates, this is the list of dangerous substances in use in the respective work group. If you start working with a new chemical, it is your duty to report this to the group/project leader.

Data sheets and all kind of safety information on chemicals can also be found in the Gestis Database or the euSDB database (only accesible from university network).

Operating instructions:

Fume Hood, Filter Fume Hood

protective gloves

protective goggles

Operating Instructions should be put up also in printed form at the device itself.

Also: please follow the skin protection plan.


Acids general, HF, Chromium-Etchant, Perchloric Acid, Hydrogen-Peroxide

Bases general, TMAHGold-Etchant

Alcohols, Acetone

Fox 16, Electra 92