ePM: The electronic personnel management system

By the end of 2023, Saarland University plans to have implemented and established an electronic personnel management (ePM) system that will be used by university employees to manage a wide range of administrative tasks and procedures.

The electronic time-tracking function has been successfully implemented and is already being used by part of the university workforce. The user profile view has also been implemented. 
As of autumn 2022, access to the electronic time-tracking function will be expanded to include those members of the university's technical and administrative staff to whom it is not currently available.

Key deliverables in the second phase of the ePM implementation process include online applications for annual leave or the ability to edit personal data, such as your bank account details or address.

Umstellung Zustellung Gehaltsnachweis

Schreiben an Mitarbeitende zur Umstellung der Gehaltsnachweise

In December 2021, Saarland University began to introduce a new electronic personnel management system (ePM).

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Elektronic time tracking - Rules and regulations


hier gehts zu den Formularen zur Beantragung einer UdS-Kennung und UdS-Personalnummer

Towards an employee self-service system for handling staff administrative needs

Since December 2021, those members of staff who use their UdS Card to clock in and clock out at the various time-tracking terminals have also been able to track their working hours using the ePM system. The digital time-tracking functionality can be accessed via a smartphone app or via a browser on a PC or laptop. Whether members of staff are working on campus or remotely from home, the ePM system offers them a flexible means to log their working hours or inspect their timesheets. The time-tracking terminals will be switched off when the second phase of the ePM implementation process goes live in the autumn of 2022. For those members of staff who do not use a computer for their work, central PC stations will be available where they can access the ePM system. Information about these changes will be published in a timely manner.

As of autumn 2022, all members of Saarland University staff will be able to edit their personal data in the ePM system, e.g. address, bank details, marital status (note: relevant supporting documentation may need to be uploaded). Members of staff will also be able to use the ePM system to provide notification of and receive approval for periods of work absence (incl. annual leave). Members of staff can also use the staff directory to find contact details for Saarland University employees. Following consultation and agreement with the Administrative and Technical Staff Council, members of the university's administrative and technical staff who do not currently use a time-tracking procedure will be integrated into the ePM system.

Further detailed information about the ePM project, particularly regarding the implementation schedule, will be published here and on the project website (see below).

What can I expect from the second phase of implementation?

The new functionality to be introduced in the second implementation phase offers users the following benefits:

  • Mobility and flexibility: ePM can be accessed from anywhere using an app on your phone (iOS and Android) or via a web browser
  • Easy to access: Automatic sign-in using your UdS ID code
  • User friendly: Intuitive user interface with a modern look
  • Transparency: Allows you to inspect and edit important personal data and, if you use electronic time tracking, allows you to review your hours worked
  • Independence: Edit and amend personal data using the in-built upload function to submit relevant supporting documents
  • Paper-free: Absence notifications can be submitted in paperless form

The tool behind ePM: SAP SuccessFactors

The technology behind our new ePM system is SAP SuccessFactors (SAP SF), which is produced by the software corporation SAP whose software solutions are already in use in other parts of the university. The SuccessFactors tool meshes seamlessly with Saarland University's overall software strategy and will help to modernize and optimize the university's HR management procedures.

The 'Sepia' portal will remain in use for the time being (e.g. for recruitment requests).

Implementing ePM – the next milestones

The changes planned for autumn 2022 are the second important stage in implementing and establishing Saarland University's new ePM system.

For more information about the next project milestones, please visit the internal project pages maintained by the Digitalization and Sustainability Unit. We hope to provide comprehensive ePM information and self-study training materials on our website in the near future.

News about the ePM system


Formulare zum ePM

To-Do für die Kolleginnen und Kollegen des UKS und Aninstituten, die mit der Betreuung von Mitarbeitenden der UdS (als Vorgesetzte*r bzw. künftig als Key-User) betraut sind

  1. Überprüfung, ob Personalnummer UdS vorliegt.
    1. Falls nein, Ausfüllen des unten stehendes Formulares. Damit die Personen in SAP einen Ministamm für SuccessFactors angelegt bekommen können, benötigen wir einige wenige Informationen.
    2. Falls ja, weiter mit Punkt 2.
  2. Überprüfung, ob UdS-Kennung vorliegt.
    1. Falls nein, Link  anklicken und Antrag ausfüllen.
    2. Falls ja, unten stehendes Formular ausfüllen.
1. Personalnummer

ePM: Personalnummer für Mitarbeitende UKS und Aninstitute

Mitarbeitende vom UKS und von Aninstituten, die die Mitarbeitenden der Universität des Saarlandes betreuen können hier ihre Personalnummer beantragen.
(Gilt für alle Personen, die mit der Betreuung von Mitarbeitenden der UdS (als Vorgesetzte*r bzw. künftig als Key-User) betraut sind.)

Formular Personalnummer

2. UdS-Kennung

Mitarbeitende vom UKS und von Aninstituten, die die Mitarbeitenden der Universität des Saarlandes betreuen, können - nachdem sie ihre Personalnummer vom Dezernat Personal erhalten haben - beim HIZ eine UdS-Kennung beantragen: https://www.hiz-saarland.de/dienste/kennung/antraege/mitarbeiter (Mitarbeitende vom UKS beachten bitte die Hinweise am Seitenanfang)
(Gilt für alle Personen, die mit der Betreuung von Mitarbeitenden der UdS (als Vorgesetzte*r bzw. künftig als Key-User) betraut sind.)

Nachdem die Kennung den Mitarbeitenden durch das HIZ mitgeteilt wurde bzw. die Personen bereits über eine Kennung verfügen, muss das unten stehende Formular ausgefüllt werden, damit das Dezernat P die Kennung für den Zugang in SAP eintragen kann. Danach erfolgt von Seiten Dezernat P noch eine Meldung an das HIZ über eine Aufnahme in eine Ausnahmeregelung. Schließlich können sich die Mitarbeitenden vom UKS bzw. der Aninstitute im ePM anmelden.

Formular UdS-Kennung 



If you have any questions, please email us at ePM(at)uni-saarland.de.
You can also contact the following project leads:


Human Resources Division
Kathrin Henning, kathrin.henning(at)uni-saarland.de

Digitalization and Sustainability Unit 
Stefanie Wilhelm, stefanie.wilhelm(at)uni-saarland.de



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