Returning to campus safely and responsibly

Staying connected – Saarland University – on campus and online!

This slogan shows how we would like to start the summer semester of 2021 together with you. Especially in times like these, the University offers you the support you need to succeed in your learning and studying as well as to grow as a person. Stay curious, stay strong and get involved – meanwhile, we all stay connected!

The regulations in detail

  • Courses are generally held online.
    Exceptions to this are practical skills classes which cannot be carried out in digital format. These include lab courses and practical workshop classes as well as practical classes in degree courses in the field of clinical medicine and smallest working groups (max. 10 participants). Exceptions to this rule further include introductory events and counselling services for first-year students.

  • Exams can generally be conducted digitally or in person.
    Digital examinations are increasingly supplementing the examination portfolio. Face-to-face examinations are still permissible, provided that the necessary distance and hygiene regulations are observed. If necessary, details of how the examinations are to be conducted will be specified in good time for the examination period on the basis of the legal framework then in force.
  • It is compulsory to wear medical face coverings within the buildings as well as when participating in courses or exams at all locations of the university. It is strongly recommended to wear medical face coverings in outdoor areas. In all areas where there is an increased gathering of people outside, including when entering and leaving the buildings and in waiting areas, the medical face coverings should be used. 

  • Corona Test
    In the case of in person events / examinations, the urgent recommendation is to take advantage of test offers and, if possible, please come to the university already tested negatively. Please preferentially use the municipal test offers for this purpose. Otherwise, you can also take advantage of testing opportunities at the University; for more information visit Corona-FAQ

  • Protect others in case of a positive Corona test
    Please report a positive Corona test immediately at the email address coronafall(at) and indicate which contacts you had last at the university (e.g. classroom teaching, practical project, etc.). You will find information on this at Infection Chain Management. Your report will  be treated confidentially! The university will inform your contacts immediately and anonymously in order to prevent further infections as far as possible.

  • Precautions in case of infection
    In case of a positive test result, University members who have tested positive for Corona will still be prohibited from entering University premises during the quarantine period or must leave the premises immediately.

  • Please minimize your social contacts and adhere strictly to the hygiene rules at all Saarland University premises!

UdS Corona Ordinance

In the regulations updated for the summer semester 2021 on the implementation of the general implementation regulations at Saarland University (Corona regulations) of 16 March 2021, you will find the regulations on the following points:

  • Courses
  • Examinations and academic assessments
  • Oral examinations by video conference
  • stay abroad and work experience phases 
  • Progress checks
  • Retaking examinations
  • standard period of study
  • Fulfilment of requirements
  • Enrolment