Winter semester 2021/22

Face-to-face teaching again!

Elements of digital teaching are integrated in a targeted manner. The university is revitalized as a working, teaching, learning and social space.

This is, of course, provided that the pandemic situation for the winter semester permits this.


You are still looking for information regarding the current summer semester?

Coronavirus: Informationen regarding universtity operations

Information regarding summer semester 2021

Back to campus with responsibility

Return to face-to-face events, step by step

Miteinander verbunden – UdS – vor Ort und digital!
Staying connected – Saarland University – on campus and online!
Tous interconnectés – Université de la Sarre – sur site et en ligne!

The steps in detail

  • Step 1: Opening of teaching in the summer semester 2021
    Additional face-to-face events are possible (under compliance with regulations) also as a hybrid format. Networking meetings with students are encouraged. Libraries have adjusted their hours and are again offering more student workstations.

  • Step 2: Opening of the examination period in the summer semester 2021
    Examinations can be conducted in attendance (under compliance with regulations). Digital variants can supplement the examination portfolio, especially in the case of suitable examination formats (e.g. open book examinations, possibly oral examinations) and as an individual solution for students in the at-risk group or students with travel problems.

  • Step 3: Opening up the study entry phase for the winter semester 2021/22.
    There are targeted offers for first-year students with the aim of developing competencies, providing post-qualification and orientation. Digital information events as well as networking events in presence will be offered.

  • Step 4: Classroom teaching with integrated digital components in the winter semester 2021/22
    Teaching will start in a new regular mode, i.e. in presence with integrated digital teaching. The concrete planning for this is in progress.

The precondition, of course, is that the pandemic situation allows the steps to be taken