Faculty R – Faculty of Law

A modern, practically focused legal education programme

The law programmes at Saarland University have been designed to provide students with top quality legal education and training that prepare students for the practical professional challenges of tomorrow. As an Erasmus exchange student you too can benefit from the advantages of studying law in Saarbrücken.


Studying law with a European and international outlook

The law programmes at Saarland University are strongly influenced by the Faculty of Law’s pronounced European and international focus. In addition to the Faculty of Law, the Saarbrücken campus is also home to two other important institutes for legal studies: the Europa-Institut and the Centre Juridique Franco-Allemand.


Faculty of Law information leaflet

Application deadlines

Please note the following application deadlines: 15 June for the winter semester, 15 December for the summer semester.

No student shall be admitted without prior nomination by her/his home university. An Email from the home university stating the name, address an email address of the student as well as the length of her/his stay is fully sufficient.

This email should be sent to the International Office: erasmus(at)io.uni-saarland.de

and to the law departmental coordinator: mc.sparapani(at)mx.uni-saarland.de.


The Law Section at the Europa-Institut (EI) offers a Master of European Law qualification (LL.M) entitled ‘European Integration’. As an exchange student you have the unique opportunity to take courses at the Law Section of EI. Any courses that you successfully complete at EI would also be taken into account as academic credit should you decide to study for a Master of Laws qualification at EI after graduating in your home country.
As with courses you take at Saarland University’s Faculty of Law, as an Erasmus exchange student you will earn ECTS credits for each course you successfully complete at EI. The ECTS credits acquired in Saarbrücken can be used to meet the credit requirements of your university degree programme in your home country.

Centre Juridique Franco-Allemand

The Centre Juridique Franco-Allemand (CJFA) provides German and French students in Saarbrücken with the opportunity to complete the first two years of the French Bachelor’s degree qualification (Licence de droit).

Master of Laws (LL.M.)

Saarland University also offers a Master of Laws qualification (LL.M.) in German law. The curriculum comprises the core area of civil law and two of the following supplementary fields: public law (administrative and constitutional law); criminal law; specific areas of civil law (family and inheritance law); commercial law, company law and securities law; labour law.

Academic libraries

Saarland University offers students an excellent environment and ideal conditions for academic work. The law libraries are well equipped and very well stocked:


The DEJ Law Library

Saarland University’s specialist law library DEJ (Deutsch-Europäisches-Juridicum) holds a very large collection of legal literature and offers access to the latest online research databases (Juris, Beck Online, Westlaw International and others).

Particularly important collections held at the DEJ law library include those covering the areas of comparative law, conflict of law rules and the history of Roman law. 


The Europa-Institut Library

The law library at the Europa-Institut (EI) is home to specialist collections in the fields of European law and international law; it is also a European Documentation Centre.

Teaching staff

A list of the academic teaching staff at the Faculty of Law is available here.