Entry into the doctorate list

Application for entry into the doctorate list of faculty NT

Being entered into the faculty's doctorate list is the requirement for admisson to the doctorate procedure.

In order to apply, please use the following forms:

Furthermore, you have to enroll or at least register as PdD student in the central students office - please go to the pages of the students' secretariat. There you will find all explanations and the necessary applications. Please read this page carefully!                                            You must print this application for registration / matriculation and have it signed by us.

Please note: It is required that you submit your degree certificate and your grades report together with your application. Don`t forget to bring your master certificate (original or certified copy; translated, if it`s not in German or English!) with you!

In addition to the application for entry into the doctorate list please provide the dean´s office with the filled  form for central registration or enrollment as PhD-student with the corresponding documents. After submission to the doctorate list we forward them to the student secretariat.


Only for Systems Engineering, Physics and Teaching and Didactics: The candidate’s suitability shall be determined in advance by means of a specific procedure. You will find a sample here.


More information about registration and enrollment as a PhD student as well as a list of the doctoral studies in specific disciplines is available here.


Important:Please read thehints to avoid plagiarism


Graduate School of the Faculty

As of 01/01/2012 you can enroll in the graduate school of our faculty.

As part of the graduate school you can attend supplemental, interdisciplinary training. 

Successful participation will be certified in the end of your doctorate. 

As a participant in the graduate school you can apply for funding for stays abroad for research purposes and for visiting conferences.

Further information you find here

Function of the scientific supervisor

Securing of good academic practice and intermediation in case of conflicts between the doctoral candidate and his/ her supervisor of the thesis

The scientific supervisor is not automatically the alternative supervisor of the thesis in case the supervisor of the thesis leaves the Saarland University.  

Applicants with foreign study qualifications

For applicants with foreign study qualifications a guide and a check list are provided.

Detailed information you find here.

Applicants with degrees from Universities of Applied Sciences

For applicants with a degree from a University of Applied Sciences special admission requirements are necessary. These can be found in our current doctorate regulations under section 3 (2), point 5.

Here we provide a check list for this.

Applicants from Homburg

Faculty 2 students from the Human and Molecular Biology department in Homburg can be conferred their doctorate at our faculty.

In this case, the doctoral supervisor must be co-opted by our faculty.

Further information you find here.

Please bear in mind, however, that you can also be conferred the Dr. rer. nat. at the medical faculty.

Sponsorship for conference participation in chemistry

Chemistry doctoral researchers can apply for funding form the 'Elisabeth- und Prof. Dr. Horst-Dietrich Hardt-Stiftung' to participate in conferences.

More details on this here.

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Further education and creating networks during the doctorate procedure

GradUS, the doctoral training programm at Saarland University, would like to offer doctoral researchers from all subject areas at Saarland University the possibility of taking additional qualifications. Furthermore, the program aims to promote a doctorate culture that is co-operative and cross-discipline, with an international approach.


All necessary information about the GradUS program you find here.


For questions and applications during the course of your doctorate procedures, please visit us during our consultation hours. 

Tuesdays and Thursdays:

1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.


In exeptional cases, appointments can be arranged outside of these hours.


Manuela Pügner

Beate Tiefenbrunner

Building A5.1, room 0.08

tel.: ++49/ 681/ 302-2400

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