Prof. Dr. Eduard Arzt

Chair of New Materials

Prof. Dr. Eduard Arzt

With his Program Division “Functional Microstructures” at INM - Leibniz Institute for New Materials, Prof. Dr. Eduard Arzt researches and develops micro- and nanopatterned materials with special mechanical, optical and haptic properties. These structures, their design and functions mimic concepts from living nature: Inspired by the adhesive characteristics of the gecko, the patented Gecomer®-Technology is further developed for switchable adhesive systems. The work focuses on micro structuring processes, adhesion properties, numerical simulations and the transfer of results into applications – from technical gripping systems to medical surfaces.

There is the possibility to carry out Bachelor's and Master's theses at INM.

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Parallel to his professorship Eduard Arzt is the Scientific Director and CEO of INM - Leibniz Institute for New Materials. INM combines the two worlds of multidisciplinary scientific research and material oriented technology transfer under one roof. Chemistry, physics, biology, materials science and engineering interact in close cooperation. An essential focus of the work is the transfer of biological principles to the design of new materials, structures and surfaces.

The INM, located on the University campus in Saarbrücken, is connected with numerous research organizations and technology companies worldwide. It is closely linked to Saarland University through seven joint professorships. INM is an institute of the Leibniz Association and employs around 260 people.

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