Erasmus+ is a European Union programme that supports study abroad periods in Europe. Provided you have completed your first year of study at your home institution, you are eligible for Erasmus+ funding to support a period of study (Bachelor's or Master's degree) at one of our partner universities. You can also receive support and financial assistance for a work placement or internship abroad. Erasmus+ also offers university teaching staff the opportunity to spend time teaching at an education institution abroad, while those working in a non-teaching capacity at a university have the chance to take part in professional development activities abroad.

Catching the 'study abroad virus'
Annika Wahl at one of her favourite places in England: Warwick Castle

Law student Annika Wahl spent her Erasmus year studying in Warwick in England. Talking about her stay in Warwick, she says: 'You become more independent and more self-assured and you realize that you can achieve a lot more than you previously thought. You make huge strides in your personal development.' Annika Wahl will soon be able to call herself a true European law graduate and will be awarded the Master 2 degree qualification. [more...]