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The Internationales Studienzentrum Saar is the central contact point for prospective students who have a foreign higher education entrance qualification and who want to prepare for university study in Germany. Anyone who needs to pass the DSH language exam (German language proficiency test for foreign applicants seeking admission to higher education) can acquire the required level of language proficiency by attending the German courses run by the Internationales Studienzentrum Saar.

This is the ideal format for international students, visiting international scholars, researchers, academics and members of their families. The courses offered cover all language proficiency levels and run for the entire duration of the semester. Depending on the course selected, participants can improve their general language skills or acquire and develop their proficiency in specific areas.

To help make their study abroad semester a success, students in the Erasmus+ and other exchange programmes can take part in the intensive language training courses that run in March, October and September of each year and whose content and curriculum have been designed to meet the specific needs of exchange students.

Der Kurs setzt ein Sprachniveau auf B2/C1 voraus. Sie müssen ein entsprechendes Zeugnis bzw. Zertifikat im Anmeldungsprozess hochladen.

Dieser Kurs richtet sich hauptsächlich an internationale Studienbewerber*innen mit einer Zulassung für die DSH-Prüfung an der Universität des Saarlandes (für Bachelor- oder Masterstudien)!
Außerdem können Teilnehmer*innen an Austausch- und Kooperationsprogrammen teilnehmen. Informationen erhalten Sie bei Ihren Koordinator*innen!
Teilnehmer*innen der Deutschkurse des ISZ Saar, die ihre DSH-Prüfung erst im September 2019 ablegen können, dürfen ebenfalls teilnehmen.

These courses meet the needs of doctoral researchers who wish to improve their German language proficiency. In addition to improving general language competence, the focus is on the day-to-day skills required in a German academic environment – phone calls with German colleagues, writing and replying to e-mails, etc.

The tandem language exchange programme pairs up people with different native languages who are interested in learning the language of their tandem partner. The in-tandem language learning programme is open to students, university employees and, if enough places are available, also to members of the public.

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