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Registration for the semester German language courses in summer semester 2023 and instructions for the placement test

We are pleased that you have registered for our German language courses in the summer semester 2023.

Please note: We send all information exclusively by e-mail. Please check your e-mails (including spam folders) regularly and save our email address deutschkurse(at) in your contacts.

*Important information for beginners*:

If you are a beginner, you don’t have to take the placement test.
Only if you have received a place, we will write you an email at the end of April 2023 (in the week before lessons start). Then you will also be informed in which beginner group you are in and when the lessons will take place. You can ignore the instructions for the placement test. Please read on from -> Course beginning (below).

*For all others*:

All others must take a mandatory placement test.
Take the placement test online on your own computer/laptop until Wednesday, 05 April 2023, 12 p.m./noon (deadline). The test is available for several days. Please take the placement test early! If you have any problems, please write us an e-mail (deutschkurse(at) 

Period for the online placement test:

Monday, 06 March 2023, 12 p.m./noon to Wednesday, 05 April 2023, 12 p.m./noon

(Not for Beginners!)


  • If you have a new personal UdS identification (not an ID for guests!), it must be older than two days for you to be able to use it properly. Here you will find instructions on how to download the user account information in the SIM application Portal. You must also have changed the master password (on the website:
  • If you do not have a regular UdS identification, you need a guest identification. If you don’t have received it yet, please send us an e-mail until Tuesday, 04 April 2023, until 1 p.m. with the subject “Gastkennung Sommer 2023” to: deutschkurse(at) ! We will then send it to you. No automated mail is initiated, please be a little patient and wait for our reply.
  • Take the placement test yourself and without help from others, and do not use any aids. You will only harm yourself, as this will lead to the determination of a false level!
  • Before taking the placement test, please read the following information carefully!

Good luck!
Your team of the in-sessional German language courses

Instructions to take the placement test

You find the placement test on the online learning platform online learning platform Moodle (


Step 1)

Select „Ich bin Mitglied von … “ Universität des Saarlandes and click on „Auswahl“.


The login has to be done with your valid UdS identification / Guest identification. Please click on „Login nicht merken“.

Note: If you do not have a regular UdS identification, you need a guest identification. If you don’t have received it yet, please send us an e-mail with the subject “Gastkennung Sommer 2023” to: deutschkurse(at) ! We will then send it to you. No automated mail is initiated, please wait for our reply.


You may need to accept „An den Dienst zu übermittelnde Informationen“:


You may also need to confirm the „Datenschutzinfos“:



Step 2)

To get to the placement test, click on: Home --> Internationales Studienzentrum Saar (see „Zentrale Einrichtungen“) --> Studienbegleitende Deutschkurse



Step 3)

To open the placement test, click on Einstufungstest Sommersemester 2023.



Then enter the registration key: ISZ_SOSE_23
Click on „Einschreiben“.



Then click on: E-Test Sommersemester 2023.



Step 4)

Please read the task definition. Then click on „Test versuchen“.


Confirm by clicking on „Versuch beginnen“.



Step 5)

Please fill in the gaps. You have a total of 1 hour 40 minutes (= total of 100 minutes) to complete the test. Plan 54 minutes for the first part (grammar test), 20 minutes for the second part (C test) and the remaining 26 minutes for the third part (listening comprehension). Note the time remaining in the upper right corner.





To play the listening comprehension, click on the arrow.



Step 6)

If you have completed everything, finish the placement test by clicking on „Versuch abschließen“.

Note: The first completed test is evaluated. If you have technical problems, you can repeat the test twice. In this case, please send us an e-mail (deutschkurse(at) as soon as possible and explain which technical problems have occurred. Otherwise we will evaluate the first attempt.



Only if you want to correct something, click on „Zurück zum Versuch“.



Otherwise and finally choose „Abgabe“.



A pop-up opens. Please confirm „Abgeben“.


You have now completed the placement test and can log out of Moodle.


Results of the placement test:

We will check the results. If you have been accepted for one or more courses, we will write you one or more emails at the end of April (in the week before the lessons start). In it you will read which courses you are admitted to and when/where the lessons will take place. - Please check your e-mail regularly (including spam folders).
When registering, you could specify a course as a priority. We will do our best to give you a place in this course. In all other courses you select, we can only place you in if places are free. There is no guarantee of a place when you register or write the placement test.
Unfortunately, we cannot give you any information about the results of the placement test before the start of the course.

Course beginning:

Courses will start in the week from Monday, 24 April to Friday, 28 April 2023. You will receive the exact dates by e-mail (Zulassung zu den Kursen/admission to the courses) in calendar week 17, the week before classes start.

Costs/Course fees:

Our semester courses are free of charge for UdS students (UdS BSc/MSc/ERASMUS/Guest Student), doctoral candidates and PostDocs of the UdS, UKS Homburg ERASMUS-Students and PhD Students, Freemover enrolled at UdS. They do not have to pay any course fees.
All others who are not UdS students (e.g. students of HfM Saar, HBKsaar, htw saar, non-enrolled doctoral students/postdocs from affiliated institutes, employees of the Saarland University and their relatives, trainees, Freemover not enrolled at UdS and other guests of the Saarland University) have to pay course fees. This fee is 150 Euro / semester for a beginner's course, 100 Euro / semester for a general language course and 50 Euro / semester for a theme course.
We will send you the account information by e-mail at the earliest two weeks after the start of the course. Until then you do not have to pay anything.

Cancellation of the course and apologies:

If you are absent without excuse from the first lesson of the course, you will automatically lose your place in the course. If you are no longer able/would like to attend your course(s), please let us know. Only apologies and cancellations by e-mail (to: deutschkurse(at) will be accepted.

We look forward to meeting you soon in person.

If you have any questions, please contact us by mail: deutschkurse(at)

Best regards
Your team of the in-sessional German language courses

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