The Canada Forum at Saarland University is an administrative and coordinating platform for those university groups and departments involved in academic work and research related to Canada. It is supported by the Government of Canada.

The research groups working at:
  • the Centre d'études interculturelles sur le Québec et la francophonie nord-américaine (director: Hans-Jürgen Lüsebrink),
  • the Chair of North American Literary and Cultural Studies (Astrid Fellner), and
  • the Department of Geography (Hans-Peter Dörrenbächer)

are strengthening interdisciplinary ties between them and broadening academic contact and cooperation with other research groups at Saarland University. Building on the interdisciplinary expertise of its members, the Forum seeks to promote and expand broad-based approaches to teaching and research relating to Canada and Canadian culture.

The Canada Forum also provides a platform for broadening Canada-related activities to other departments and faculties at Saarland University. With its interdisciplinary structure, the Forum heightens awareness and understanding of Canada's regional and cultural diversity and its international relations.