Private sector housing

Private sector housing

You should expect to pay between €250 and €350 per month for a room in the private rental market; a studio flat (studio apartment) will cost between €300 and €450.

Please note that most rooms will be unfurnished, so please read the details in the rental property listings carefully.

Types of rooms

  • WG-Zimmer: a room in a shared house or apartment (WG stands for 'Wohngemeinschaft' = shared house or apartment)
  • 1-Zimmer-Wohnung / Einzelapartment: a studio flat or studio apartment, i.e. a reasonably large room that combines a living area, a sleeping area and a kitchenette (and possibly a small separate bathroom)
  • Einzelzimmer: a single room, for example in the landlord's residence (live-in landlord), usually with shared bathroom or kitchen facilities
  • Untermiete / Zwischenmiete: a subletting or subleasing agreement that allows you to rent the room from the principal tenant while they are away.
  • 'möbliert' means that the room is furnished.
  • 'unmöbliert' means that the room is completely unfurnished, which often also means that there are no kitchen or cooking facilities whatsoever.


There are many rooms available for rent in and around the centre of Saarbrücken, but rental prices are lower the further you move away from the main city area. A popular place for students to live is Dudweiler, a district of Saarbrücken that is situated not far from the university and is served by several direct bus links. If you can't find a room in Saarbrücken, we recommend looking for accommodation in some of the neighbouring localities, such as St. Ingbert.

Rental prices

  • 'Kaltmiete' means that the rent does not include heating or electricity costs which are charged separately.
  • 'Warmmiete' means that the rental charge covers heating costs, with electricity charges often included as well.
  • 'Kaution' is the security deposit that you have to pay before you move in. The deposit will typically be two months' rent. If at the end of your stay you leave your room in the condition it was in at the start of the tenancy, your deposit will be returned to you in full.

Monthly rental prices in Saarbrücken:

  • Rooms in student halls of residence (dormitory rooms): €220-€300
  • Room in a shared house/apartment: €250-€330
  • Studio apartments: from €350


If you rent a room in a shared house or apartment (WG) or if you have a room in a student hall run by the Studentenwerk, an internet connection is usually included and already set up. If you rent a room in the private rental sector, you may need to arrange for an internet connection with a local provider.

Need help?

Finding accommodation on the private housing market is your responsibility. If you are having difficulties understanding specific information in the rental listings, please contact us for assistance.

An information leaflet on finding suitable accommodation in Saarbrücken is available here.

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