Before going home

If your stay in Saarbrücken is ending, you need to take care of the following things, most importantly several deregistrations:

For the university

  • should you need a certificate of deregistration from our university, you have to deregister in the Enrolment Office with the Request to deregister. You will then get the "Exmatrikulations-Bescheinigung", which you need, for example, to cancel your health insurance. If you to not actively deregister, you will automatically be deregistered to the end of the semester (March 31 or September 30).
  • if you are leaving before the end of the semester (at least 2 months early), you can ask for a partial refund of the semester ticket: Refund Request for the AStA.
  • return all books to the library.
  • as exchange / freemover student, you have to get a transcript of all courses that yo have taken. Please bring all your grades to the subject coordinator (Erasmus) or the International Office.
  • as exchange / freemover student you can get your certificate of departure signed by the International Office.


  • cancel your contract within the period of notice given on your rental contract. By law, the period is 3 months, unless something different is stated in your rental contract. A cancellation always needs to be in written form, an oral cancelation is not enough. Should you need exemplary cancellations, you can contact the Welcome Center.
  • give your bank information to the landlord, so he/she can return your deposit.
  • remember to cancel all contracts that you have made (internet, phone...) and please also keep in mind the period of notice of these contracts.
  • make an appointment with your caretaker / Hausmeister or landlord, so they can check the room when you move out. Make sure to get a signed protocoll for any damages they claim, but also if there are no damages to the room.


  • please deregister from the city call (Bürgeramt"). You can do this no earlier than one week before your departure. Please bring your passport with you. You will then receive a confirmation ("Abmelde-Bescheinigung").
  • please close your bank account. You can do this before your departurein person. Alternatively, you can discuss with your bank, whether you can close the account later from abroad (for example by letter), in case you still need the account to get the deposit back or the like.
  • cancel your health insurance. If you have a German insruance, you need to cancel it when you leave the country. As student, you will need the Exmatrikulationsbescheinigung (see above) for it. If you are not a student, you can use the Abmeldebescheinigung from the city hall. You will get a final bill for the insurance, which you can pay right away, so you don't need your bank account for this anymore.
  • deregister from the Radio and TV Service Fee- You can do this online, by filling the form and uploading your Abmeldebescheinigung from the city hall: Abmeldung Rundfunkgebühr. If you move abroad, please choose "ich dauerhaft ins Ausland ziehe" and then fill the information fields that follow.


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