Meet & Greet

"Everything but work"

The "Meet & Greet" programme aims to foster networking and social interaction between doctoral and postdoctoral researchers of all disciplines and from all countries who are working at Saarland University or at the numerous on-campus research institutes.

Each event features a cultural highlight and an informal get-together that provides a perfect opportunity to meet new people in a friendly environment. The programme kicks off with a jazz concert, a musical evening, an information session given by experienced employees of the International Office and of GradUS, Get-together with pizza and pasta, day-trip to strasbourg and visit of the Christmas market, day-trip to St. Wendel with a night watchman and a ballet performance – all in English!

Please see our next month's event and register not later than ten days before the event via email.

Programme Winter Term 2017/18
Registration for the events

Philipp Sammel


No entrance fees are charged for postdocs and PhD students!


Lavinia Dobre, LL.M.

Meet & Greet



Patricia Borrull