Winter semester 2020/21

Can I come to Saarbrücken for the winter semester?

Yes, we are looking forward to welcoming international students and visitors at Saarland University!

For the next months academic life on campus will of course be influenced by the global coronavirus pandemic. However, Saarland University invites all international students and guests to spend their stay in Saarbrücken and Homburg. The campus and the libraries are open, hygiene measures have been taken.
Our Center for International Students has ongoing online activities that you can enjoy during your stay, but also some smaller activites are now being offered "live" again!

Rules of conduct

The university recommends full compliance with the guidelines of the German health authorities. All regulations and notices correspond to the current state of information and may have to be adjusted according to legal requirements if the health situation in Saarland changes.

The University also strongly advocates a policy of non-discrimination. Should members of the University be discriminated against in any way after the spread of the coronavirus, please contact the Welcome Center for support.

In case of illness: If you have symptoms and think you may be infected with the virus, do not go directly to hospital or to your doctor, but stay at home and call the health authorities: +49 681 501-4422 or +49 116 117

Further information on the general behaviour in emergency situations

Current entry regulations for international students, employees and guests (valid since January 08, 2021)

What does the current lockdown mean for Saarland University?

Currently, Saarland has a tighter lockdown, valid from Dec. 16, 2020 to Jan. 31, 2021.

Saarland University is also implementing this. Therefore please be advised that:

  • Service facilities on campus will be closed to the public. This also affects the Welcome Center, the card office and the libraries on campus.
  • All employees are to work in their home offices, if possible.
  • The "Mensa" now only be open to get take-away food. The Mensa be open for this purpose until Dec. 23, 2020, and will re-open on Jan. 04, 2021.

As always, current news and the changes will be published on the Saar University news website.

What does the current lockdown mean for me in my private life?

Currently, Saarland has tightened its lockdown, valid from December 16, 2020, to January 31, 2021.

There is currently still a restriction on the number of people who may meet privately. Currently, a household may meet a maximum of one other person. This further reduces the contacts, as previously it was still possible to meet with one more household. So please note now that it is only one more person,

During this lockdown period, many stores will remain closed. These are in particular stores for clothing, bookstores and hardware stores.
Among others, the following will remain open:

  •  Supermarkets and other stores that sell food (e.g. bakeries)
  •  Pharmacies
  •  Opticians
  •  Gas stations
  •  Banks
  •  Post office
  •  Laundromats

Here you can find a detailed list of stores that are allowed to stay open.

Which rules apply, if I travel outside of Germany for the Christmas break?

The answer depends on the length of the stay.
For stays of less than 72 hours, there is no quarantine obligation upon return.

However, if the stay abroad lasts longer than 72 hours, a 10-day quarantine must be observed in accordance with the Corona Regulations of the Saarland.
But: Students are exempt from the quarantine obligation if they enter for a stay of at least 3 months and bring a negative test result that is not older than 48 hours.  In addition, a certificate of required presence from the university is required; this can be obtained from the Welcome Center.

For employees, we recommend contacting the Ordnungsamt to clarify the individual case, as we have not received a clear answer: ordnungsamt(at)

What are the quarantine regulations for students when entering Germany for the first time?

There is an exception for students, under certain conditions. However, all students must nevertheless register their arrival under the following online form:
From 15.12.2020 onwards, the following persons are exempt from the quarantine obligation:

  • Persons who enter Germany to study and will stay in Germany for at least 3 months

and in addition

  • can present a negative test result. This test may be taken no more than 48 hours before entry or must be taken upon entry.

This results from the exception according to §2 paragraph 3 number 8 of the current Corona regulation of the Saarland.

What are the quarantine regulations for international employees and guests when entering Germany for the first time?

For employees and guests, the duration of their stay is important to know about the valid quarantine regulations.
All arrivals must register their arrival using the following online form:

Stays up to a maximum of 5 days:
Such a stay can be made possible by the exception of the Corona Regulation, which can be found in §2, section 3, number 4 of the currently valid Corona Regulation. This is the case if the stay is "absolutely necessary and not postponable for professional reasons", or for the purpose of training or study.

Stays longer than 3 weeks:
Such a stay is possible, according to §2, section 4, number 3 of the currently valid Corona Regulation. This states that "persons who enter Germany for the purpose of taking up employment for at least three weeks" can generally take up this work stay. However, it is important that the employee may only leave his home for the purpose of work and otherwise must spend the first 10 days of his stay in quarantine in his own home. At the workplace, working conditions must be created that correspond to quarantine compliance, in particular through "group-related company hygiene measures and precautions to avoid contact outside the working group".

What are the regulations for persons commuting between Saarland and the border regions?

"Grenzgänger": Students and employees who live abroad and enter Saarland for the purpose of work or study do not have to maintain quarantine as long as they return to their place of residence abroad at least once a week. This results from §2, section 2, number 3b.

"Grenzpendlers": Students and employees who live in Saarland and travel to a risk area for the purpose of professional practice or studies do not have to maintain quarantine as long as they return to their place of residence in Saarland at least once a week. This results from §2, section 2, number 3a.

Can I travel within Germany to reach Saarbrücken?

From your arrival airport you can continue your journey by train or by other means of public transport. Please plan your arrival as direct as possible. You must wear a mouth and nose protection on all public transport. The quarantine obligation begins upon arrival at your place of residence.

I do not yet have an apartment in Saarbrücken, but I have to be in quarantine. What can I do?

We strongly advise you not to arrive if you do not know where you can spend the quarantine period.
Many hotels in Saarbrücken do not accept you to spend the quarantine there. You can of course try to book an AirBnB or a vacation apartment.
If you don't have a place to go to spend the quarantine, it is better to postpone your arrival!

What exactly happens during quarantine?
  • Quite simply summarized: You are not allowed to leave your apartment and not to meet other people!
  • The public order office regularly checks the quarantine, either by calling you at home or by someone passing by your apartment to check if you are at home (without direct contact).
  • If you live in a shared apartment it is very important that you spend most of your time in your private room. The shared rooms (bathroom and kitchen) should only be used when necessary. Please do not use the kitchen as a common room, but only for the periods when you prepare food and eat. You must use these rooms on your own, so it is important that you are not in the rooms at the same time as your roommates.
What happens if my test result is positive?

Should you receive a positive test result, you will of course remain in isolation in your home.
The center where you took the test will automatically inform the local health authority about your positive result.

The public health department will then contact you to see how you are doing at home. The health department will also ask you for a lot of information to track contacts. They will try to find out who you may have met and infected. Even if the test is positive, you will normally remain in your private home for the duration of the isolation. You will only be taken to hospital if your state of health deteriorates.

Of course you should let us know as soon as possible in this case as well, so that we can take care that you are provided with food in your isolation period.

Which coronavirus tests are accepted / recognized?
  • Testing done outside of Germany (according to the RKI website): "The test may not have been conducted more than 48 hours prior to entry. In principle, molecular biological tests (PCR tests) are currently accepted from all European Union countries, as well as from the countries mentioned below, insofar as there is evidence that the test was conducted in a quality-assured (accredited) laboratory."
  • Coronavirus Testing is offered at different airports, for example at Frankfurt Airport. Rapid tests (at extra charge) or tests with 6 - 8 hours waiting time can be booked in advance. A negative test can be confirmed with a certificate. This certificate serves as proof that no quarantine is required. The test result is transmitted to you digitally. Until the test result is received, you have to observe a quarantine in your house.
  • The Testing Center in Saarbrücken also offers tests for new arrivals from a risk area.
I require a certificate of presence for my arrival, where can I get it?

Since 02 July, the EU has changed its entry restrictions for some countries. Nationals of some countries outside the EU now have the possibility to enter the country without restrictions, for others it is still the case that entry is only allowed with an urgent reason. Students and staff can obtain a certificate of required physical presence from the Welcome Center: welcome(at)
We will need your passport and your letter of admission / enrolment certificate.

Information on the entry restrictions


Hygiene measures on campus

A hygiene plan was implemented on the campus to ensure the safest possible work and study environment.

  • The minimum distance of 1,50m has to be kept on the whole campus and in the buildings.
  • Avoid gathering in groups.
  • If the minimum distance of 1.50m cannot be maintained (corridors, stairs), a mouth nose protection (mask) must be worn.
  • Persons showing symptoms of illness are not allowed to enter the campus.


Information on your studies

Saarland University has defined the winter semester to be a so-called "hybrid semester". This means that bigger lectures with many students will definitely be held online. However, all courses of study can also offer attendance classes on campus. The exam phase at the end of the winter semester will usually take place in presence on campus. If you arrive late in the semester or do not know how exactly your lectures will take place, please contact your subject coordinator.

Please note: There is no legal claim to complete courses by distance learning. This also applies to exchange students and freemovers - since exams can be written in presence, it is usually not possible to carry out an "only-online" mobility. In any case, we recommend spending the entire semester in Saarbrücken. A semester abroad does not only mean attending lectures, but you will also gain many experiences and get to know the German language and culture much better than in a semester of online study.

The enrolment as a student can only be done online (not in person) and can therefore also be done from abroad, so that all accesses are available to you as soon as possible. Please note that the current processing time for enrollment applications is several weeks.

As soon as your enrollment has been processed, you can download your user credentials. With this you will receive your login information for the university systems.

The current offer of lectures can be accessed in the LSF:

General student life may continue to be subject to restrictions; this applies especially to major events and parties. The Center for International Students (ZiS) and ESN Saarbrücken will, as far as possible, alternatively set up social activities in smaller groups (buddy program, tandem program, regulars' tables, etc.)


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