Portrait of Saarland University

Transcending boundaries is a hallmark of Saarland University – no matter whether these are geographical borders, cultural boundaries, barriers between academic disciplines, or outmoded divisions between academia and economic and cultural life. 

Combining top-quality research with excellence in teaching

Informatics, nanotechnology, biosciences and Europe are the key disciplines that are shaping the university's profile. The outstanding reputation of the Department of Informatics was underscored in the national academic excellence initiative, and the numerous internationally recognized, externally funded research projects across all fields of academic study highlight the quality of the academic work being performed at Saarland University. 

Combining academic study and business practice

Saarland University offers a comprehensive support package for students preparing to start their careers or aiming to set up their own businesses. Guided by the Contact Centre for Technology Transfer (KWT), students can develop their business ideas, formally register their business ventures and learn to take their first steps as independent entrepreneurs. The jUNIts training scheme for young entrepreneurs offers students the possibility to work on project assignments on behalf of local and regional companies.

An innovative force in the Saar-Lor-Lux region

The university has developed an outstanding profile in new technologies such as informatics, the biosciences or nanotechnologies – a fact that has led to the establishment of numerous spin-off companies now active on and around campus. These developments highlight the university's role as one of the largest employers in the region and its importance in promoting the transfer of technology and knowledge to the entire Saar-Lor-Lux region.