Key Competencies Program of Saarland University at the Center for Lifelong Learning

Key competences programme of Saarland University at the Centre for Lifelong Learning Key competences generally comprise those skills which, in addition to specialist knowledge, enable adequate and flexible action in different professional contexts.

Students, lecturers, academics, guest students and other members of Saarland University can also acquire the Key Competences Certificate as part of the Key Competences Programme at UdS in the Centre for Lifelong Learning (ZelL). The acquisition represents an additional qualification and documents the respective individual expansion or (further) development of one's own key competency profile in relation to studies, career, teaching and science.

Depending on the subject area and study programme, students also have the option of having the acquired credit points included in their Diploma Supplement or Transcript of Records, which can be used in all study programmes as a supplement and in some cases also integrated into the study programme. A prerequisite for the acquisition of the certificate is, in addition to the completion of courses amounting to at least 30 units of work (AE), the writing of a key competency portfolio of at least 15 pages. As part of the acquisition of the Key Competences Certificate, a focus option must also be selected. This is evidenced, among other things, by attending a basic course, which is part of the 30 units to be completed in total. The other courses within the framework of the required 30 AE are freely selectable.

Currently, the following focus options can be chosen:

  •     Intercultural competence
  •     Project management
  •     Communication
  •     Leadership skills
  •     Media competence
  •     Academic competence
  •     Self-location, mental and physical health
  •     Diversity competence  
  •     Methodological competences
  •     Digital competences
  •     Career competences

You can find more information about the programme and registration on the ZelL website.

Include your participation in Career Center events

Participation in all Career Center events (including the campus fair) can be included in the key competencies programme if you have invested at least 5 units. As a rule, the duration of the event and your signature on the attendance list count towards this. For online events, please write us in the chat during the event that you are taking part in the key competences programme. For our Career Tuesdays, the subsequent interview counts. You confirm your participation in the fair by coming to our stand with your CV. You will then receive 1 AE and a CV check from us. Once you have collected the 5 AEs, send us an email to career(a) with a list of the events and we will issue you with a confirmation of participation.

What is a work unit?

One working unit (AE) is approximately 45 minutes. Sometimes the whole is more than the sum of its parts. We will be happy to advise you if you are unsure about the sum of your work units.


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