Tips for the fair

Career Fair Checklist - How to prepare

Tips for the Application Photo

In any case, use the opportunity to take a professional picture for free during the fair. Even though the use of an application photo is optional since 2006, in Germany it is still expected. Generally the clothes should suit the job, the company and you. You should feel comfortable but you can take a step out of your comfort zone because you are aiming to improve yourself. No one expects a picture from an intern trainee or working student or someone who is just starting his or her career in their finest thread - wear a shirt or blouse and you’re good to go. If you apply for a job where you are going to wear a suit every day, e.g. at a bank, you should also wear a suit in the picture. It is crucial that it comes across, that the occasion is important to you  and you pay tribute to it. You can easily achieve that by looking well groomed: combed hair, cleaned glasses and trimmed beard, each: if existing. Look straight into the camera, back straight,  shoulders back, put on a winning smile - perfect.

Basically: Come as you are! To inform yourself casually, you do not have to wear a suit. Clean clothes should be enough. If you want to apply for a specific internship or job, you should at least
wear a shirt or blouse and a proper pair of pants. Your knowledge about the industry comes into play: For computer scientists t-shirts and sneakers can be good enough, business economists
usually dress a little more elaborate, with a tie and jacket and suit shoes.