What criteria are used for admission?
If there are more applications than available places, allocation is based on the NC.

How many places will there be for the respective degree programmes?
Currently, the capacities are designed for 25 places in the specialist subject "European Studies: Geographies of Europe", 25 places in the specialist subject "European Studies: Modern and Contemporary History" and 10 places in the specialist subject "European Studies: Comparative Literature".

On which campus are the courses/lectures likely to take place?
The courses/lectures will take place on Saarbrücken campus.

Do I need any special prerequisites/prerequisite knowledge, languages or qualifications as far as the language level is concerned?
The following prerequisites must be fulfilled by the time of the Bachelor's thesis: "Prerequisite is knowledge of two foreign languages level B2, one of them English or French, to be proven by European Level B2/UNIcert II or by school certificates or an equivalent." I.e. no specific prerequisites are necessary at the beginning of the study programme.

In the degree programme "European Studies: Geographies of Europe" there is the possibility to participate in a European research project, what is that?
In geography, there is the possibility of working on a larger research project of one's own that takes place abroad. This is developed in close cooperation with Prof. Dr. Peter Dörrenbächer or Jun.-Prof. Dr. Florian Weber. For example, the students conduct interviews in France or another European country, evaluate statistics, etc., in order to derive their own research work.

Which languages can be chosen for this programme at the Language Centre?

Modern European languages can be selected from the catalogue of the Language Centre of Saarland University: www.szsb.uni-saarland.de/Sprachen.html

Who can I contact if I cannot decide on a specialisation?
There are several counselling and information options that you are welcome to use. You can contact the Central Student Advisory Service (contact person: Peter Hell), the Study Coordination for European Studies (contact person: Elisabeth Marx) and the advisors for the fields of study (Jun.-Prof. Dr. Florian Weber for Geographies of Europe, Dr. Rainer Möhler for Modern and Contemporary History, Dr. Claudia Schmitt for Comparative Literature).

Is a Master's degree in "European Studies" being planned?
A Master's degree is being considered in the long term, but there are no concrete plans as yet. In Saarbrücken, further courses of study in this field include a Master's in "Border Studies", "Applied Cultural Studies", "European Cultural Studies" or in a specialist discipline.

Contact and information

CEUS | Cluster for European Research
Study coordinator 'European Studies
Elisabeth Marx M. A.
Campus C5 3, Room 2.14
66123 Saarbruecken

Phone: +49 (0)681 302 70438
E-Mail: europastudium(at)uni-saarland.de

Office hours:
Please make an appointment via email



Course and programme advisers

Study advice and information 'European Studies: Geographies of Europe'
Dr. Ines Funk

Study advice and information 'European Studies: Modern and Contemporary History'
Carsten Geimer
Dr. Rainer Möhler

Study advice and information 'European Studies: Comparative Literature'
Dr. Claudia Schmitt

Central Student Advisory Service
Contact person: Peter Hell M. A.