Looking for an accommondation


For all exchange students, there are two options. You can either rent a room in a student residence or you can find your own private accommodation. Student dormitories consist either of fully-furnished rooms with shared bathrooms and kitchens or of single/shared apartments with a bathroom and a small kitchenette.

If you apply for a dorm in a student residence, please make sure that you have sent back the completed form by the due date. The cut-off date is July 15th for winter semesters and December 15th for summer semesters. Please note that these rooms fill up very fast so the earlier you send back your application, the better your chance of obtaining a room.

Single student rooms range in price from 195-255 € per month. When you sign the contract you will be expected to pay the first month’s rent in advance plus a security deposit (“Kaution”). The amount of the deposit usually equals one month’s rent.            
You will get the “Kaution” back in case no damage is detected in the room at the end of your rental contract. Please note that your deposit will be withheld in case of damages occurring under your responsibility.

There is an option of renting a private dorm as well. These dorms are not administrated by the university but by a private provider. Hence, the interior size and furnishing is usually is quite similar. Also, flat sharing (Wohngemeinschaft, WG) is quite popular in Germany. Usually, the potential roommates insist on meeting all applicants in person before deciding who may move in but sometimes it is also possible to have a skype meeting to get to know each other. The prices for private accommodation in Saarbrücken may range between 210 and 250 € per month.

If you don’t find a room before coming to Saarbrücken, you can stay at Saarbrucken’s youth hostel, search for some days on-site and e.g. introduce yourself in shared flats.

Registration at the Bürgeramt


For international students:

During your stay, you must be registered in Saarbrücken at the Bürgeramt in the city centre, near the department store Karstadt. You should register once you arrive in Saarbrücken and find accommodation. You have to bring your passport as well as the rental contract. Also, if you move to a new address during your stay in Saarbrücken you have to notify the Bürgeramt.



Links for accommondation


Here you find some helpful links for accommondations in Saarbrücken:


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