Online application


Please read the guideline for the online application carefully.

It is meant to guide you through the application process in order to submit a complete application.
Be aware that all applications which are not filled out correctly, will be rejected automatically.


The application for the AMASE Master programme is effected by an online application system (so no original papers are required).

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Please be aware that before starting the AMASE Master Programme, the original certificates or certified copies of each document have to be given to the secretary upon arriving at your first university!


Before starting the Online Application mask, read the guideline for the online application. Be aware that all applications which are not sent in correctly will be deleted automatically.


Please view the deadlines before submitting the applications. All applications submitted after the deadlines will not be considered.



Start the Online Application.




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Translation of documents

All documents written in English, German, Spanish or French do not need to be translated into another language. 

We need documents from all other languages to be translated to English or one of the other languages from the consortium.