Selection Criteria for AMASE

Study records

In striving for excellence in the AMASE programme, candidates with excellent academic achievements will be sought out. Having outstanding results in key subjects of Materials science and Engineering will make the students particularly interesting for this programme. 



Previous studies in materials science

Students should have previous study experience in areas relevant to Materials science and Engineering. The ranking in this item follows for example: 



  1. Materials Science, Materials Engineering
  2. Physics, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering
  3. Electrical, Electronic, Civil Engineering, etc. 

Students from Civil Engineering, Telecomunications, Textile Engineering, Design, Architecture, Computation Science, Informatics will not entitled to scholarships and will be accepted for the programme only in exceptional situations.   

Knowledge of languages

Very good command of the language of the first university is a precondition for the programme. It is advantageous that students command also the language of the second university; if not, they should be willing to learn it. 


Former work experiences

Experience in research and development at universities and/or industry like interships, jobs, project works, etc., can also be advantageous and should be mentioned in the application. 




It is also important, that students are extremely motivated to follow the AMASE programme. This can be proved in an outstanding motivation letter, which should be about one page maximum. 




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