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Nancy is a middle-sized town of about 100 000 inhabitants in the old town and city centre and about 400 000 inhabitants in the urban area. More than 1 in 5 inhabitants is a student, which makes Nancy the 5th city in France for student life. It is thus a city with a young spirit though it takes its roots in the 11th century. Those seeking a good combination of student activities and cultural activities will enjoy visiting Nancy.

With its opera, museums, theatres, several famous music festivals (Nancy Jazz Pulsation, Au fond du jardin du Michel, Les nuits de stan, …), many houses for culture and youth proposing a large choice of activities, Nancy is ranked the first city in France of 250 000 to 500 000 citizens for cultural actions.

Architecture is a striking feature of Nancy. Duke Stanislas redeveloped the area linking the old and new towns of Nancy, building his three famous squares (“places” in French) on the esplanade that had replaced part of the city’s ramparts. From north to south they are the Place de la Carrière, Place Royale (today’s Place Stanislas) and Place d'Alliance, the last two being raised in honour of King Louis XV, the son-in-law of Duke Stanislas, former King of Poland. The magnificent 18th century group of buildings in Nancy has been on the list of UNESCO world Heritage since December 1983 when it was chosen as being of “truly outstanding interest and representing universal values. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries Nancy developed the most beautiful ensemble of “art nouveau” and the style “Ecole de Nancy” was recognised worldwide. The city is still profoundly impregnated by this period which can be appreciated in the surroundings of the School of Mines.

In France, AMASE is hosted by EEIGM, the European School of Materials Engineering. The school is ideally located in the city centre, approx. 300 meters form “Place Stanislas” and city garden “La Pépinière” and just beside the school of architecture and Engineering school of industrial systems (ENSGSI). EEIGM is part of the newly founded Lorraine University.


The Lorraine University (UL) is the result of the fusion of the following four universities:

  • Nancy-I
  • Nancy-II
  • Paul-Verlaine - Metz
  • INPL


Materials Science and Engineering is a strong highlight with the newly created world class Jean Lamour Institute (IJL) resulting from the merge of 5 Laboratories dedicated to materials science in Nancy. As a Certificate of Quality, this institute is a Mixed Research Unit (UMR) with the National Centre for Scientific research (CNRS), the leading research institution in Europe and fourth in the world.


Research activities at UL



Research at University of Lorraine covers the full spectrum of possibilities related to Materials Science and Engineering. Nevertheless, it happens that most studies conducted so far by AMASE students were focused on 4 main topics:

Topic Contact Person
Synthesis and properties of thin films   David HORWAT
Polymers and biopolymers  Jean-Luc SIX
Mechanics of composite materials  Zoubir AYADI
Metallurgy  Sabine DENIS



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