General requirements to obtain the Master's Degree

    The studies are structured in different modules. In order to obtain the Master’s Degree you will need to successfully pass special module elements, like lectures, workshops, tutorials, laboratory and project work, etc. More information about the modules and courses will be given to you at each university at the time of your arrival. You will be guided through the process of choosing the courses that you would like to attend, in accordance with the regulations.


    In the first semester, 30 Credit Points must be earned. At least 26 Credit Points must be earned from the exams of the module elements of the following modules:



    Credit Points


    Structure and Properties of Materials

    min. 12 CP


    Materials Characterization

    min. 5 CP


    Materials Engineering and Processing Technologies

    min. 5 CP

At least 26 of the 30 Credit Points to be earned must be part of the technical courses, seminars and/or project work for the selected track.



In the third semester, you will continue with the same specialization tracks at the Second University. Here you need to acquire at least 26 CP from technical courses for the track you chose, as well.


In the fourth semester, you will have six months to write the master’s thesis. With a successful submission, you will obtain the last 30 Credit Points. 


  • the total amount of tuition fees must be paid before finishing the Master.




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