Language of instruction


One important objective of the programme is that the students acquire good knowledge of the study and works methods, the customs and the cultural singularities of the different countries where they are studying. This helps to integrate them easily into the professional and social lives. Learning the language of the host country opens many doors and is the first step to integration, so we consider it very important.


The languages of instruction at each university are:

  • German at the Universität des Saarlandes (UdS)
  • French at the Université de Lorraine (UL)
  • English at the Luleå tekniska universitet (LTU)
  • Spanish at the Universitat Politècnica de Barcelona (UPC)



Sufficient knowledge of the language of the first hosting university is necessary!

The minimum requirement is a EU- B2 level. To check if your language skills fulfill these requirements, see "Requirements for application".

 Projects and the Master Thesis can be done either in the language of the tutoring university or in English.

 Please find all information in our Student Guide!

Language courses offered during the Master:

Especially during the first year students will be given the chance to improve their language skills for their Entrance and their Second universities.

The students must obtain 12 ECTS points in languages during the Masters Programme (8 ECTS in the first year, 4 ECTS in the second year).

The consortium offers the following courses: 


University    Course TypeCourse begin

Intensive German*

Before the semester starts

German courses

During the semester

English, French, Spanish, and more

During the semester

Intensive French

Before the semester

French courses 

Language and culture courses

During the semester
English, French, Spanisch, and moreDuring the semester
LTUEnglish, Swedish, Spanish, French and German courses  During the semester

Spanish and Catalan** courses 

Language and culture courses

During the semester
English, French and German coursesDuring the semester




 *For those students coming to Saarbrücken as second university, the Intensive German course is paid by EUSMAT (only for self- financing students, students have to register on their own and only one course without accomondation will be paid) 


 ** Barcelona is a bilingual city where everybody speaks two Latin languages, Catalan and Spanish. Catalan should not be an inconvenience if you are willing to study in Barcelona. It is very close to Spanish, with some similarities to French and can be very easily understood if you speak Spanish. The language of instruction at ETSEIB is either Catalan or Spanish, depending on the mother tongue of the lecturer. Most core courses are offered by several lecturers so you can always find a Spanish lecturer for this type of courses. For the optional courses, the language depends on the lecturer. Most lecturers are willing to give lectures in Spanish (at least during the first weeks of the semester) if exchange students are attending the course. Exams can be written in Spanish if arranged with the professor in advance.




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