Selection Criteria - DocMASE

(last update 01.06.2017)


The following criteria will be used to select candidates among those that have passed the eligibility check:

It is important to consider that because of the very large amount of candidatures received with respect to the number of fellowships available, only above-average candidates will have a good chance of being chosen.


Study records

In striving for excellence in the DocMASE programme, candidates with excellent academic achievements will be sought out. Having outstanding results in key subjects of materials science and engineering will make the students particularly interesting for this programme.


Relation of previous studies to materials science

Although DocMASE is not reserved to students of materials science, having experience in this branch of knowledge is considered advantageous for the candidates. Previous academic experience with little or no relation to materials science (computer science, civil engineering, architecture, biology, etc.) will have almost no chance of being selected.


Matching students to research topics

Keeping in mind the desired positive outcome of the DocMASE research projects, the question of how well a candidate’s profile matches the topic will be addressed. Qualities such as experience of the candidate in the specific research field, theoretical and experimental background obtained in previous studies, etc. will be considered for this evaluation.


Motivation / work experience / professional and academic potential / added value / awards

In the interest of ensuring the excellence and success of each individual project and the DocMASE programme as a whole, candidates will be assessed with respect to their motivation, experience and any particular added values that they may possess. The motivation letter asked of each candidate should reflect why he/she is interested in this doctoral programme, especially with respect to the candidate’s goals for a professional career.


Recommendations and renown of previous universities

Being recommended by known researchers or having attended renowned universities will be favourable for the candidates. Any periods of study or work abroad will gain importance if supported by letters of recommendation from the hosts.


Level of English language and communication ability

A minimum of English knowledge will be required. Although it is possible to acquire more language knowledge through courses during the programme, candidates demonstrating higher language levels through the necessary, corresponding certificates are better suited for the DocMASE programme.


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