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6th Summer School 2017

The summer school 2017 will take place from 11th - 15th of September in Saarbrücken and Nancy.

The topic will is Modern Methods for Materials Characterization and 3D Microstructure Analysis.

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Deadline for application: 31.07.17

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5th DocMASE Summer School 2016

May 30 - June 3, 2016 in Luleå


The theme of this year's DocMASE Summer School is:"Manufacturing, microstructure and performance of Advanced Composite Materials".

Please find the programme here: 5th DocMASE Summer School 2016


4th Annual Summer School in Barcelona

The 4th Annual Summer School with the topic"Mechanical Properties of Advanced Engineering Materials"will take place in Barcelona from 7th - 10th of September 2015.

Please find the programme here.

3rd Annual DocMASE Summer School 2014

Aug. 25 – 29 2014, Nancy


The Summer School 2014 is on“Thin films science and surface engineering”.

Institut Jean Lamour Amphithéatre EIFFEL

Please find the agenda here.


Theme and goals

The 2014 DocMASE Summer School in Nancy (France) will be dedicated to research areas of growing interest, i.e. thin films science and surface engineering. Because surface is the place of interaction of a material with its environment, controlling the surface properties represents a powerful approach in materials science in view of applications. Different strategies can be employed that can be categorized in (i) the addition of a material with specific properties, often in the form of thin films, on a pre-existing material and (ii) the modification of material surface characteristics using different chemical and/or physical methods. The goal of the summer school is to provide the participants with detailed presentations of the theoretical concepts and methods enabling to understand and control the synthesis of materials in thin films form and the modification of material surfaces. A comprehensive overview of Thin Film Nucleation, Growth, and microstructural evolution will be complemented by the presentation of approaches to control the Thin films chemistry. The modification of material surfaces will be considered from the perspective of plasma (vaccum or atmospheric), ion and electron beams and laser treatments for surface functionalization, pattering and texturing. The lectures will be complemented by a Lab tour and Lab demos on some of the facilities of Institut Jean Lamour. Additionally, DocMASE students will have the opportunity to present their research in all topics covered by the DocMASE programme and discuss issues in the fields of thin films and surfaces during a dedicated roundtable.

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2nd Annual DocMASE Summer School

Our Second Annual DocMASE Summer School took place in August 2013 at the university in Linköping.

Please find the programme here



1st Annual DocMASE Summer School

27 August - 1 September 2012, Saarbrücken


The 2012 DocMASE Summer School focused on the 3D characterization of micro- and nanostructures in the field of materials science. Theoretical concepts of 2D and 3D characterisation as well as several tomographic techniques were presented. These included SEM/FIB Tomography, X-Ray Computer Tomography, Synchrotron Tomography, TEM Tomography and Atom Probe Tomography. Through a series of presentations and practical demonstrations, participants became familiarised with the development, working principles, current capabilities and applications of the different techniques presented.


These seminars were well-complemented by a visit of our facilities and those of our nearby partners. Additionally, DocMASE candidates had the chance to present their own research to the other participants as well as to students of the AMASE Master Programme who could be interested in joining DocMASE in the future.


Some social and leisure activities helped to further promote knowledge exchange and networking. The intercultural nature of EUSMAT's higher learning programmes was also respected and fostered. This resulted in an enriching experience from which the participants obtained valuable tools for their future research activities, while expanding their professional network.


The event was aimed at doctoral candidates of the DocMASE programme and of its consortium partners and was chaired by Prof. Dr. Frank Mücklich, Head of the Chair of Functional Materials at UdS, CEO of Material Engineering Center Saar (MECS) and Chairman of the European School of Materials (EUSMAT).



  • Prof. Dr. F. Mücklich, Dr. F. Soldera, M. Engstler, H. Aboulfadl (Functional Materials, Saarland University and MECS)
  • Prof. Dr. N. De Jonge (Innovative Electron Microscopy, Leibnitz Institute for New Materials)
  • Dr. M. Maisl (Fraunhofer Institute for Non-Destructive Testing)
  • Dr. A. Rack (X-ray Imaging Group, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility)
  • Dr. R. de Kloe (EDAX BV, Ametek® Materials Analysis Division)
  • Dr. K. Schladitz (Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics).


The summer school was hosted by EUSMAT at the Chair of Functional Materials of Saarland University.


Organization: Dr. F. Soldera, F. Miguel, P. Souza (EUSMAT)


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