Campus in Bewegung – Terms of use

Please note the following terms of use:

  • The machines and the stations are used at every one's own risk.
  • The trail is meant for people of 14 years or older.
  • The specific terms for using the boulder wall can be found here.
  • Should you notice a machine that does not function probably or a damage, dirt or impairment, please contact us: hochschulsport(at)
  • Pasting an adhesive label on machines or on the trail signage is prohibited. Disregard will lead to a criminal charge.
  • Please don't leave your waste on site. We can contribute to the cleanness of our environment by disposing our waste.
  • Using glass bottles in the area available for falling around the machines is prohibited.
  • The stations are not meant for dogs doing their business.
  • Participants of our Campus in Bewegung courses take priority over those people that workout on the machines at the same time. Our trainers are entitled to assert that priority.