Enrollment and participation

How do I enroll for a class or a workshop?

You can register and book a sports class or workshop online or at the University Sports Center in Saarbrücken or Homburg.

  1. Before booking a class, you have to register online. It is not possible to make the registration at the University Sports' Center! For chargeable classes, we need your bank account data.
  2. After the successful registration, you choose a class.
  3. Put the class of your choice in the shopping basket.
  4. Log in.
  5. Book the class.
  6. Get an email confirmation.
Who is entitled to participate?

Students and employees belonging to a Saarland University are entitled to participate in the University Sports classes and events.

Students and employees on campus Saarbrücken can also visit the sports classes in Homburg and vice versa.

Guests (external people not belonging to a university) can only participate in sports classes, if there are still places available. Guest students have to pay the prices for guests when participating in our sports courses.

You need to be 16 years or older in order to participate in a class, event or workshop. If you are younger, please contact the University Sports Center.

What do I need to pay?

About one third of the weekly classes can be joined for free by students of Saarland Universities. Employees and guests need a valid user card for participation.  

Anyone who wants to participate in a chargeable class, workshop, excursion or event, must enroll for and pay for it. The fee depends on the user group you belong to (students, employees, guests). The fee needs to be paid once for the whole semester.

How do I pay?

Payment of course fee and other services is normally done via the SEPA Direct Debit Scheme or via the payment function of the UdS card. Cash payment is not possible in Saarbrücken.

We want to point to the fact that places in our sports classes cannot be reserved. Enrollment has been successful, if you have paid for the class via one of the above mentioned payment methods.

The minimum number of participants hasn't been reached yet. Will the class take place?

If the actual number of participants is only one or two below the minimum number, the first unit will normally take place, so that still unregistered people have the chance to do a test training and to register afterwards. So after the first unit we will now, if the course can take place or not. If we must cancel the course, you will be informed by University Sports via email.

The class is fully booked. Is there a possibility to join anyway?

Yes, you can book yourself on the waiting list (same process as the normal booking; instead of "In den Warenkorb" you will find "Auf die Warteliste"). In case there is a place available again, we will inform all people on the waiting list via email. You have then the chance to book the place.

Is it possible to try one of the University Sports classes?

Once a semester, you can do a test training in ALL courses (whether for a fee or not). However, if the course is fully booked, you cannot make a reservation.Then you have to wait for the next semester.

I need a certificate of attendance for my insurance company. Who do I have to contact?

We are sorry, but due to an enormous administration effort we cannot issue such certificates. However, we confirm the participation in our sports classes in your bonus booklet.