Is it possible to cancel an already booked class or workshop?

Cancellation or rebooking of chargeable classes can be done before the course starts in person at the University Sports Center or via email. If the course has already started, you can rebook or cancel your place only within three working days after the first lesson took place by paying a service fee of 5 Euros. After that, no rebookings or cancellations are possible anymore. The course fee will not be refunded, if you fail to appear (injuries or diseases belong to this).

Cancellation of workshops or events can be done until one week before the event takes place free of charge. After that time, we will keep the whole fee, also if you fail to appear in case of injury or disease.

Please note the special regulations for excursions.

Can it happen that a class has to be cancelled?

University Sports can cancel classes, workshops or events, if e.g. the minimum number of participants could not be reached. You can find the minimum number of participants in each course description. In case of course cancellation, the course fee won't be debited from your account. If you have already paid, we will of course refund the money. No further claims can be made.

We try hard not to cancel courses at short notice. However, this can apply for courses taking place in sport venues that do not belong to the University. Also short-term diseases or absence of our trainers can lead to course cancellations. If we have to cancel chargebable courses, we try to make up the cancelled event later on. No further claims can be made, though.