Regulations regarding excursions

For excursions being offered by University Sports' Center itself, the following conditions apply:

Booking of an excursion is possible online or in person at the University Sports' Center. The payment of the excursion fee can only be made via SEPA direct debit scheme.

The excursion fee is due to the end of the registration period (see the respective description of the excursion). Near to that date, University will debit the fee from the bank account stated in the user profile. So please ensure a sufficient account balance.

If the registration period has ended, we will know if an excursion can take place or has to be cancelled due to an insufficient number of participants. In this case, the enrollment is cancelled and no money will be debited from the bank account.

If the excursion will take place and someone wants to cancel his/her participation after the deadline for registration, University Sports' Center is entitled to charge a compensation for the made arrangements, outlays and occurred costs, if the person who cancels the event does not find a replacement within seven days. Failure to show up results in paying the whole fee.

University Sports' Center is entitled to cancel excursions due to unforeseeable events. In this case, the enrollment is cancelled and the fee will be refunded. No further claims can be made against University Sports' Center or University.

For excursions abroad, we recommend all participants to conclude an international insurance. University is not liable for damages at water crafts or for damages caused by steering water vehicles. Therefore, we recommend concluding a special insurance when participating in water sports excursions.

University covers no accident or legal liability insurance for guests.

For excursions being offered by TU Kaiserslautern or cooperating clubs apply the modalities being stated in the respective excursion description.