Sports facilities

An exact site map of our sports facilities is available here.

What do I need to know about the sports facilities?
  1. Please wear indoor sport shoes.
  2. Classes can only take place with a trainer being on site.
  3. Instructions given by the trainer or caretaker are to be followed.
  4. In case of infringements, the trainer or the University Sports Center may 
    issue a ban of sports venue use.
  5. Please put your waste in the dustbin in order to ensure cleanness.
Is it possible to rent one of the sports facilities?

No, renting one of our sports facilities as a private sports group or club is absolutely not possible.

Am I allowed to park on campus or Hermann Neuberger Sportschule as a participant of the University Sports classes?

On campus theoretically yes. However, there are very few parking spots available. Parking on campus will be charged till 4 pm. We recommend to park in one of the car parks. More information can be found here.

Participants of University Sports classes taking place at Hermann Neuberger Sportschule are not entitled to park on the Hermann Neuberger Sportschule area. In the event of non-compliance, you have to pay an administration fee of 10 Euros.

Where are the lost items kept?

At Uni-Fit, lost items are kept at the service desk and can be picked up to the opening hours within 14 days. After that, the items will be given to charitable institutions.

At Uni sports hall B8 3, there are two containers in front of the hall entrance. There, you find the lost items.

In Homburg, please contact the school's caretaker. Lost items from the beach volleyball court will be kept in the locker room for 14 days and then be given to charitable institutions.

Lost items in LSVS sport halls will be kept at the reception for three months, stored for another two months and then be given to the "Tafel".