Unfortunately missed? That was STADTRADELN 2023!

For three weeks, we competed against other teams from Saarbrücken - every km counted!


Stadtradeln 2023 results

We would like to say thank you to 115 active cyclists who so diligently collected kilometre after kilometre for our university and thus for our environment during the 3 weeks of the city cycling and cycled together a distance of 26,124 km! This put us in a strong 2nd place within the municipality and we only had to admit "defeat" to ZF Friedrichshafen AG in Saarbrücken. In addition to the summary of the UdS statistics, you can find the ranking of the 10 best teams within the municipality as well as the 10 most diligent cyclists of our university team in the pictures, among which we even have four riders with over 1,000 km!

So thank you again for cycling hard and next year we will get the 1st place!



In simple terms, STADTRADELN is about cycling as many trips as possible in order to make them climate neutral. It doesn't matter if you have rarely cycled in the past and have just rediscovered your bikes or if you have always simply enjoyed cycling. Every single kilometer counts - especially if you would normally have traveled it by car!

For this reason, the STADTRADELN was created. In this competition, several teams in Saarbrücken compete against each other to see who can collect the most km in 21 days. And we need every single one of you so that our university comes out on top in the end!

What are personal benefits of participating?

Every time you ride a bike, you get several benefits. First of all, you are climate-friendly on the road and thus contribute to a healthier environment and a healthier planet. In addition, you can even save time within the city (anyone who has ever driven by car or bus through the rush hour traffic in Saarbrücken knows what is meant) and you are of course also active during each trip and thus promote your own health.

In order for you to support our university and for your km to be recorded, you must first register for the university team here:

- registration no longer possible -


Bicycle promotion weeks

In addition, we offer with our cooperation partners various events around the topic of cycling during the STADTRADELN.


Bicycle workshop and cyclist breakfast bags on 06.06.2023

On 06.06.2023 you can get your bikes fit for STADTRADELN at the AC-Wiese from 11 am - 2 pm. Active support is provided by the ADFC Saar.

In addition, every cyclist who rides up to the university on 06.06.2023 in the morning will be rewarded with a "cyclist breakfast bag". It doesn't matter where you ride up to the campus, we will be waiting for you at each of the main entrances!


BikeBreak - IceBreak

What's a good way to use your lunch break? Right, to be physically active and treat yourself to an ice cream! That's why we are organizing guided bike tours to ice cream parlors in Saarbrücken, Dudweiler and St. Ingbert on the following dates during the STADTRADELN:

Wednesday, 14.06.2023, 12-13 Uhr
Tuesday, 20.06.2023, 12-13 Uhr
Thursday, 29.06.2023, 12-13 Uhr

Click here to register through the Hochschulsport:

- registration no longer possible -

ADFC planning bike tour on 27.06.2023

On 27.06.2023, the ADFC Saar organised a planning bike tour from Saarbrücken city centre to the campus of Saarland University. The aim of the bike tour was to discuss existing weak points of the cycling infrastructure on the way from the city to the UdS and to jointly discuss possibilities for improvement. Afterwards, a discussion round on the topic of cycling infrastructure around the campus took place, in which everyone could participate. We have captured a few impressions for you:


We'll be back in 2024! You too?

Info will be available here - stay tuned!


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