General information and questions

Who is entitled to participate in Uni in Bewegung?

Uni in Bewegung is a sports program especially designed for University employees. Also, employees of the institutes affiliated to the University as well as from the University Medical Centre are allowed to participate in this program. Postgraduates are also welcome to join.

How often do the courses take place?

There are 20 dates per course cycle – independent of the semester holidays.

What is the course fee?

The costs – depending on the course type (course in the multifunctional room or strength training) – are between € 33,- and € 51,- per half-year period. If you step in the course later on, costs will be adapted accordingly.

When does the registration start?

The courses run from the beginning until the end of the semester. Registration is normally possible two weeks prior to the course start.

Can I step in a course to a later date or can I terminate my participation before the end of the course cycle?

You can step in the courses at any time, as long as there are still places left. Due to organizational and administrative reasons, it is not possible to quit the course during the course cycle. If you cannot participate in your course, you have the possibility to switch to another course (see Flexible courses).

Is it possible to count the course time as working time?

Yes, the participation in an Uni in Bewegung course (or in another chargeable University Sports' class or a 60 minutes training at our fitness centre Uni-Fit) counts as working hours for University employees. Please find more information in the category Uni-Aktivpass.

It’s not possible for me to join the course always on the same day of the week. Is there an alternative?

Yes! If you cannot go to your course due to a business appointment, holiday etc. you can visit another course in that week. Please find more information here.

I haven't done sports for quite a long time. Should I consider something?

Here you find an information leaflet with important indications, published by the University physician (only available in German). For further health-related questions or clarification of potential risks when participating in Uni in Bewegung courses, please contact the inhouse-doctor, Prof. Dr. med. Lothar Schwarz, phone: 0681/302 3753 or 0681/302 3739.

Can I work with the training software in the strength courses?

Yes, in every strength course, the training software is included.