Researching and teaching at Saarland University

The Welcome Center provides assistance to visiting foreign academics and scholars and to international doctoral researchers and students during their first few weeks at Saarland University. Welcome Center staff can help with visa and residence registration issues, visits to local administrative agencies, official paperwork, and questions about insurance and enrolment. The Welcome Center also offers assistance with finding accommodation and runs a very wide-ranging programme of intercultural recreational activities.

For over twenty five years, Saarland University has had strong ties with universities in Eastern Europe, the Russian Federation and the Caucasus. The opportunities for research scientists and scholars from these regions to do research and to teach at Saarland University are therefore particularly favourable. Academics from all disciplines and subject areas can participate in the programme provided that their project is approved for inclusion in the current work programme.

Es ist die Neugierde. Sie treibt den Humboldt-Preisträger Marc Meyers an, der am Leibniz-Institut für Neue Materialien auf dem Campus der Saar-Uni forscht. Der Material­wissenschaftler von der University of California will wissen, warum Materialien aus der Natur so sind, wie sie sind, und was sich davon möglicherweise technisch nutzen lässt. Am Amazonas entdeckte er Formen von Pflanzen und tierischen Materialien, die in der Natur sehr selten vorkommen: Lianen mit quadratischem Querschnitt, Federn, deren Schaft an der dicksten Stelle rund ist und zur Spitze hin quadratisch wird. [mehr...]