Studying at Saarland University

An exchange programme offers the simplest way to spend a semester or two studying at Saarland University: You could come from one of our partner universities, or as a student from one of the programme or partner countries within the EU's Erasmus+ scheme. You might have received funding from the DAAD to take part in a German language course or for a study-abroad period. Alternatively, you might be coming as an exchange student, a 'free mover' or as a scholarship holder from a non-European country. Whichever path you take to get here, you can be sure of an ideal environment for study and first-rate supervision.

International students at Saarland University enjoy the benefits of small learning groups, excellent supervision and personal contact to academic staff. International applicants can study for a Bachelor's or Master's degree in any of the subjects available, with the possibility of continuing on after graduation to complete a doctoral degree. All of our Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes are officially accredited.