Seminar of the "Ctrl-Q" graduate program ("Quantum Journal Club")


Common seminar of the groups Eschner, Morigi, Becher, Wilhelm, Bushev and Neu, in the framework of the graduate program "Control of quantum systems for quantum technologies"


This seminar covers recent and fundamental topics from the areas of the participating groups: experimental and theoretical quantum optics and quantum information with atomic, photonic, and solid state systems, as well as physics of ultra cold atoms. Presenters are members or guests of the groups. Upcoming seminars are announced by email. To have your list on the distribution list, contact Michael Kaicher.  

Upcoming talks

  • January 11th, 9:00, room E.04, Prof. Mario Agio (guest of group Becher), "Photonics and electronics for bright single-photon sources based on color centers in diamond"

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