The focus of our research is the tailoring of the inorganic-organic interface in hybrid materials and nanocomposites with special interest in a controlled design of inorganic building blocks such as nanoparticles. The large interface area in these materials requires a specific knowledge in tailoring the chemistry between inorganic and organic moieties. For this reason we design and synthesise coupling agents, which fullfil various criteria. They allow a homogenous distribution of inorganic nanoparticles in an organic matrix, they act as crosslinking agents between the two components, or they can induce specific optical or electronic properties. Our research is highly interdisciplinary between the fields of inorganic, organic and polymer chemistry and utilizes a broad spectrum of techniques like X-ray diffraction, common spectroscopic methods, thermo-analytical methods or mechanical tests.



Associated work groups:

Speciation and elemental analyis  
(PD Dr. Ralf Kautenburger)

The working group WASTe (Working group for Analytical Speciation Techniques) is mainly focused on element trace and speciation analysis as well as on the development of innovative coupling techniques




Emmy Noether Research Group 
(Dr. André Schäfer)


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Prof. Dr. Guido Kickelbick

Inorganic Solid State Chemistry

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