X-ray diffraction


Bruker D8 Advance
Powder diffractometer with Bragg-Brentano geometry and CuKα radiation for routine measurements, temperature dependent measurements and experiments under inert conditions
Seifert MZ4
Four-circle powder diffractometer with OED for capillaries (heating equipment for measurements up to 700 °C), transmission measurements and diamond pressure cell. Usually used with MoKα-radiation for stronger absorbing materials.
Siemens D5000

Standard-diffractometer with OED for reflection measurements. Backup device for spare parts available.

Huber G670
Guinier-diffractometer with Image Plate. Standard-device for quick measurements.


Thermal analysis


Netzsch TG F1 Iris
Thermo-microbalance coupled with FT-IR-spectrometer
Netzsch DSC 204 F1 Phoenix
Dynamic difference calorimeter
Netzsch STA409/414
DTA-TG up to 1400 °C (theoretically up to 1700 °C)
Netzsch STA409/414
DSC-TG-MS with skimmer coupling, Quadrupol-MS, up to 1480 °C (theoretically up to 1700 °C)
TA Instruments Q1000
DSC with higher sensitivity up to 725 °C


Elemental analysis


Determination of N and O in metals
Vario Micro cube  Elementar
Determination of C, H and N.


Trace Elemental Analysis


Potenziostat 757 und 797 VA Computrace, Metrohm
AAS Unicam 969
FAAS (Flame-Atom-Absorption-Spektrometry)
Optima 2000 DV, Perkin-Elmer
ICP-OES (Inductive Coupled Plasma - Optic Emission-Spektrometry)
7500cx with HMI, Agilent
ICP-MS (Inductive Coupled Plasma - Mass-Spektrometry)
Coupling techniques:
CE-ICP-MS (CE: Beckman-Coulter  P/ACE-MDQ), HPLC-ICP-MS (HPLC: Agilent 1100/1200 ChemStation)




Perkin Elmer Lambda 19
UV-VIS-NIR-spectrometer for diffuse reflection.
Perkin Elmer Lambda 25
UV-VIS-NIR-Spektrometer for cuvettes
Bruker Vertex 70
Perkin Elmer 2000-FTIR
Perkin Elmer LS55
Horiba Ivon FluoroMax 4


Other equipment


ALV Compact Goniometer
Dynamic light scattering for particle size determination
Micrometrics AccuPyc 1330
He-pycnometer for density determination
Anton Paar MCR 301
Plate-plate-rheometer (-150 °C - 450 °C)
For thin-sections and planar devices